Select the BEST answer by highlighting or circling your choice

Select the BEST answer by highlighting or circling your choice

Select the BEST answer by highlighting or circling your choice. Each question is worth ½ point for a total of 10% of your final grade.


1.     Human Resources has broadened its scope over the years. No longer is it a paper pushing hiring/firing department. The overall framework of HR is divided into three unique areas, Human Resources,

a.      Employee Concerns and Labor Relations.

b.     Labor Relations and Competitive Challenges.

c.      Competitive Challenges and Employee Concerns.

2.      The responsibility of the firm to act in the best interest of the people and communities affected by its activities is referred to as

a.      Code of Ethics.

b.     Corporate Social Responsibility.

c.      Company Goals and Moral Values.

3.      A difficult and general limited document to construct but one of the most important in creating and organizations reason for existence is it’s

a.      core values.

b.     strategic vision.

c.      mission statement.

4.      ______________________________ is the process of identifying, developing, and tracking key individuals for executives positions.

a.      Skill inventories

b.     Replacement charts

c.      Succession planning


5.      Below are all reasons why performance evaluations fail EXCEPT:

a.      Performance standards may not be clear.

b.     Objective or vague language in written evaluations.

c.      Managers may not be trained on providing feedback.

6.      In a meeting held by the CEO, the question is asked to the department managers how they feel their staff is performing. The Production Manager proudly states, “All my employees are excellent.” This is an example of the error of

a.      halo.

b.     leniency.

c.      central tendency.

7.     One of the first ingredients in maintaining proper disciplinary action is known as

a.      fairness.

b.     just cause.

c.      due process.

8.      The most frequent Equal Opportunity complaint is


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