Select the correct spelled word

Multiple choice:

  1. Select the correct spelled word:
  1. Indespensable
  2. Indispinsable
  3. Indespinsable
  4. Indispensable
  1. When a colon or a comma is used after the complimentary close. It is called:
  1. Full punctuation
  2. Open punctuation
  3. Mixed punctuation
  4. None of the above
  1. In the ZIP+4 code, the four digit add-on number is important because it identifies:
  1. A particular city block
  2. The floor of a building.
  3. A department within a company
  4. All of the above are correct.
  1. When moving sections of text in a letter with word processing software, it is easiest to use what feature?
  1. Control Z and Control V
  2. Format features
  3. Cut-and-paste feature.
  4. Search to find feature
  1. If mail to the doctor marked “personal and confidential “is opened by mistake , how should it be handled?
  1. Put on the doctor’s desk by itself.
  2. Reseal with transparent tape and mark it “opened by mistake”.
  3. Reseal it with transparent tape and mark it “Opened by Mistake.”
  4. Hand it to the office manager, let her deal with it.
  1. When interviewing a collection agency, what collection rate is considered realistic and good?
  1. 25% to 45%
  2. 50% to 75%
  3. 75% or above
  4. 30% to 60%
  5. 60% to 80%
  1. All checks received in a medical office should:
  1. Include a blank endorsement
  2. Include a full endorsement
  3. Be stamped with a restrictive endorsement upon receipt
  4. Be turned over to the physician for safe-keeping
  5. A, B, and C.
  1. After a judgment is made in favor of the medical practice in small-claims court:
  1. The physician still has to pursue the money
  2. The court follows up to make sure the payment is made
  3. A court order is sent to the patient mandating payment
  4. The money is always exchanged in the court room and given it to the manager.
  5. None of the above is correct.
  1. Breaking down accounts into lengths of time that money is owed is called?
  1. Accounts divisions
  2. Separating accounts
  3. Analyzing accounts
  4. Aging accounts
  1. A petty cash fund would typically have?
  1. $ 50
  2. $ 100 to $ 200
  3. $ 50 to 200
  4. $175

Fill in the blanks:

  1. In a physician’s practice, patient accounts are called……? =
  2. Manual bookkeeping skills are helpful because they increase understanding of ………?
  3. Charges are ……a……. To the account; while payments/adjustments are ……b… the account? a= b=
  4. When is managed care copayments usually collected………..? =
  5. What are the typical default settings for right and left margins………….? =

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