Selecting the Perfect Baby

Selecting the Perfect Baby

Read the case at:

Answer question 10 (required), and your choice of at least 3 additional questions.

1. How could baby Sally inherit Fanconi anemia even though neither parent suffers from it?

2. What other illnesses or developmental disabilities can be inherited in this way?

3. What are the odds that the Shannon’s second child would also have this disease?

4. What are the basic processes of IVF and PGD?

5. What risks are involved in this whole procedure?

6. How could a sibling’s blood help cure Sally?

7. How could PGD be used to create that sibling?

8. What is so unusual about the PGD proposed by the Shannons?

9. What are some ethical issues related to the use of IVF? What are some ethical issues related tothe use of PGD? What do you think about those issues?

10. What do you think the research team should do? What should the Shannons do?


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