selects a problem to work on

Which place Are going to live.pptx 

selects a problem to work on. It may be based, for instance, on your work

experience or some business newspaper/magazine article(s). Ideally, the project involves

creating, modeling, and analyzing a business problem of your choice, which illustrates a

new application of the methods discussed in the class. The first part of the project report

should give a broad overview of the company and/or some key issues related to

operations management facing the company. The second part

of the project will be your quantitative analysis, and recommendations on that problem.

the presentation  at most 10 slides, including: 

1. Problem of interest 

2. Alternatives to address it (specifying what data and method(s) you would use) 

3. Evaluation (qualitative and/or quantitative analysis) of the alternatives.

4. Recommendations and concluding remarks based on the evaluation. 

and this file just a small example of what you have to do.


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