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Assignment 1.2: Application of Ethics to Marketing in Today’s Business Environment

Each discipline has a Code or Statement of Ethics by which it is governed. Marketing’s association in the United States is the American Marketing Association. The ethics are found at AMA Statement of Ethics. The European Union has a similar document called the Code of Conduct. In this assignment, you will explore both.


  1. Review the American Marketing Association’s Statement of Ethicsand the Code of Conduct for the European Marketing Confederation.
  2. Write a short paper (one to two pages) in which you discuss and compare the two codes from these marketing associations. In this paper, discuss:
    1. The similarities and differences between the two codes.
    2. The implications of these differences if a company markets in both the United States and the European Union.
    3. The implications of these differences on your practice as a marketer.
  3. This paper must utilize APA citations and references. Please ensure you review the APA guidelines.


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