Which was a political idea of Locke?


the general will

popular sovereignty

religious toleration

division of powers


Question 2

Which was not a motive of imperialism?


to continue mercantilist practices and policies

to serve as supply stations for maritime trade

to maintain a European balance of power

to diffuse social tensions with patriotic fervor


Question 3

Which was a long-term cause of the French Revolution?


monetary support of the American Revolution

resentment of the lack of religious toleration

dispute over voting in the Estates-General

unfair tax system that favored the rich


Question 4

Which was a foundation of the Industrial Revolution?


Large states held huge supplies of raw materials.

Coal replaced wood as the primary source of fuel.

Road infrastructure replaced waterways for transport.

Mercantilist policies drove down the price of goods.


Question 5

Which was a cause of the Haitian Revolution?


discrimination of non-French ethnicities

colonization attempt by French explorers

inspiration from the American Revolution

taxation of colonial elites by France


Question 6

Which was not a main idea behind Zionism?


Jewish emancipation required courage, initiative, tenacity, willpower and personal sacrifice.

The Jewish people needed to establish their home in the location of the ancient kingdom of Israel.

Peaceful obedience to local and national laws was required to end anti-Semitic persecution.

Anti-Semitism was a persistent feature of human society that assimilation could not solve.


Question 7

Which was not a government response to the socialist challenges?


establishing universal suffrage to all classes

introducing medical insurance and pensions

prohibiting underground employment for women

restricting child labor for children under ten years old


Question 8

Which was an unintended effect of nationalism in nineteenth-century Europe?


brutal repression of minorities

spread of literature written in the vernacular

dissipation of national unification movements

abandonment of Romantic ideals


Question 9

Which was a cause of the Boer War?


independence of northern Afrikaner territories from British colonial authority

movement and settlement of Bantu peoples into Afrikaner-held states

reinforcement of white colonial privilege and domination of black Africans

evacuation of most Afrikaner people out of South Africa and back into Europe


Question 10

Which was not a main event associated with the unification of Italy?Answer

Mazzini led discontented young idealists in major uprisings to dislodge foreign rule.

Cavour allied with France to expel Austrian authorities from most of northern Italy.

Pope Pius IX joined with King Victor Emmanuel of Piedmont to denounce revolution.

Garibaldi and his nationalists swept through and conquered Sicily and southern Italy.


Question 11

Which was not a migration pattern to the Americas?


Asian migrants moved west to work in the construction of transportation infrastructure.

Southern European and Asian migrants sought work on plantations in Latin America.

European migrants flocked to work in factories in North America’s industrial centers.

Pacific Island migrants flooded the west coast to work on large agricultural enterprises.


Question 12

Which was not a reason the Industrial Revolution began in England?Answer

international markets

rich coal deposits

colonial-supplied raw materials

large stores of timber


Question 13

Which best describes European imperialism in the Pacific?


Europeans enslaved the indigenous population of the Pacific islands for hard labor on sugar plantations.

Europeans imposed direct colonial rule only during the late nineteenth century in the Pacific islands.

Europeans negotiated coastal treaty ports with indigenous rulers for trade and re-supply of naval fleets.

Europeans sought commercial prospects and reliable bases for operation in Australia and New Zealand.


Question 14

Who did not lead the fight to end slavery?


Mary Wollstonecraft

­­­­_____ ______son

William Wilberforce

Frederick Douglass


Question 15

Which was not an underlying cause of the Revolutions of 1830 and 1848 in Europe?


growing liberal spirit

rising tide of nationalism

mounting opposition to war

budding Romantic movement


Question 16

Which was a result of westward expansion in the United States?


Class conflict ended on the east coast.

British colonial officials threatened war.

Conflict heightened with indigenous peoples.

A war was created with French settlers


Question 17

Which was a reason for Japan’s successful modernization?


reinstatement of a powerful shogunate

creation of U.S.-style federalism

generation of higher crop yields


avoidance of Western domination


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