Sociology Revision

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topicThe contemporary belief that work life and family life are separate spheres emerged with the Industrial Revolution. With this shift came the expectation that family life was women’s domain and work life was men’s domain. Lingering notions of separate spheres continue to shape men’s and women’s experiences today. Provide four examples of how this notion shapes (or could shape) men’s and women’s lives differently



Sociology (SOCI 201) 

Introductory Sociology 

Response Paper Rubric 



Content/Information (5) 

 A topic/thesis statement (0-1.5) 

 All elements of the topic is addressed (0-1.5) 

 The information is based on careful research (0-1) 

 The information presented in a reasoned manner (0-1) 


 Quality of Writing (3) 

 Clarity of sentences and paragraphs (0-1) 

 No spelling, grammar or use of English errors (0-1) 

 Cohesive argument (0-1) 



References (2) 

 At least two scholarly references (0-1) 

 Effective use of references (0-0.5) 



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