Specialized Health Information Systems

Unit V Research Paper


Specialized Health Information SystemsSelect a healthcare setting mentioned in this unit, and discuss the specialized health information system or a data set used to manage information in that particular setting. Upon selection, develop a detailed research paper that encompasses the activities listed below:

  • Describe the department you have selected by including its setting, purpose, and daily functions.
  • Describe the departmental health record systems or health information system.
  • Explain how the departmental health information system contributes to the electronic health record (EHR).
  • Discuss the factors that cause facilities to use multiple information systems.
  • Describe the health information system workflow of the health department you have selected.
  • Discuss some possible collection or operational issues that could occur while using this health information system.

Your answers above should be presented in a minimum of four pages, not counting the title page or reference page.Remember that this is a research paper, so please incorporate at least three references, one of which can be your textbook. The others must come from the CSU Online Library. For assistance researching journal articles, please click here. Using multiple sources will help you better analyze the information systems of your choice and will give you a well-rounded argument. Be sure to use APA citations throughout your paper.


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