Split My Brain

Case Study on Split My Brain

Please click on the following link: http://sciencecases.lib.buffalo.edu/cs/files/split_brain.pdf

Please choose at least 4 of the following questions to discuss:

1. What is Rasmussen Syndrome (what are its history, symptoms, prognosis, etc.)?

2. What structures or abilities of the brain are concentrated in the areas of the left hemisphere that would be removed in the hemispherectomy?

3. Other than reducing his seizures, how else might Jerrod’s thinking or behavior be affected by losing these parts of his brain?

4. What types of abilities would he still retain, because the brain structures would remain intact?

5.  What might the family do to help Jerrod recover after such a surgery?

6.  If Jerrod had the surgery, would his level of functioning get better, worse, or stay the same over time?

7.  What other kinds of questions would you have about the surgery? Can you find the answers, i.e., provide a website, etc.?

8. What decision do you recommend to the family? Why or why not go ahead with surgery?




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