Strategic Information Systems Project

Strategic Information Systems Project


Second research paper


You will research Strategic IS/IT-related initiatives that a real-life company is

considering or has implemented.

It is highly recommended to select an existing company or organization that you

are familiar with to achieve a more practical understanding of a strategic IS/IT initiative

within the company and to obtain more contextualized information about the initiative.

Your case writing will cover the following questions:

• Introduction to the company – A brief explanation of the company

– The opportunities and/or threats which the company has faced (e.g.,

using SWOT)

• Strategic IS/IT Initiative (pre-implementation) – What is/was the strategic IT initiative?

– What is/was the expected value of the initiative (financial and


– A description of the decision-making process

– A project plan of implementation processes

• Strategic Analysis (pre- or post-implementation) – A cost-benefit analysis

– A risk analysis (anticipated or emerging)

• Discussion and Conclusion – Evaluation of the materialized value/outcomes of the initiative

– Suggestions for further actions for successful diffusion and value


• Format research paper -#2 Use the APA version 7 style to write your paper.

• g_and_style_guide/general_format.html


• Library Resources

To find articles on a variety of topics, search UMBrella:

• From Healey Library Homepage, type your keywords into the UMBrella search box

o For example: for articles about child abuse, type “child abuse” in the search box. Quotation marks around a phrase will search for

that exact phrase.

• Then select Articles under Material Type


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