strategic management

In this assignment you discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the first mover and the last mover theories

You should provide an unbiased comparison of the two theories.

  1. Identify at least four advantages and four disadvantages for each theory and comprehensively show how each advantage or disadvantage affects the use of that theory (a minimum of 16 pros/cons in all).
  2. Identify at least four examples of real firms who have been successful and four examples of real firms who have been failures using each theory (a minimum of 16 real firms in all).
  3. Provide a definitive and unbiased recommendation of which theory to use. You should provide the specific attributes which constitute the most advantageous context in which the chosen theory operates and justify your recommendation with researched support, logic and examples.


Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses. (20%)Identify examples of good and bad business practices in the use of strategy design components. (30%)Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations. (30%)Use effective communication techniques. (20%)

 5 to 7 pages, APA references,1 on each page, no plagerism

You are welcome and encouraged to use the David text book


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