Strategic planning

Strategic planning

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1.Write a 1-page description of your core team of change champions. Include the following: Identify internal and external stakeholders, and explain why they were selected. Explain how stakeholders will be involved in the strategic planning process. Explain how you will collaborate and communicate with stakeholders. Explain how you will keep stakeholders motivated and engaged. 2. Budgeting and Timeline Tools Consider which tools (e.g., Revenue Projection Model, Capital Budgeting Analysis, Depreciation Calculator, Profit and Loss Projection) would be most useful for developing your Strategic Plan.? Use the Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT) tool or another tool to analyze and represent the activities that need to be completed to successfully plan and implement your proposed change. Be sure to note dependencies (e.g., a task/milestone that must be completed in order to trigger the next step) and realistically assess the minimum time needed to complete the entire project.? Write a 2-page description of your budget and timeline for your Strategic Plan. In your description: Provide an analysis of the financial impact of your Strategic Plan. Provide visual support (e.g., tables, charts, screenshots of Excel worksheets) for your financial analysis directly within your template. Provide a timeline for the implementation of your proposed change using PERT or another timeline tool. Consider how your timeline can allow leeway for variance. 3: Balanced Scorecard Conceptualize a balanced scorecard that could be used to measure and evaluate the impact of your planned change on performance and determine if the costs are justified in terms of the outcomes. Consider what you would measure in terms of finances, customers, internal process, and learning and growth. Think about how you would gather valid and reliable data. To complete: Create a balanced scorecard for your Strategic Plan issue. Directly provide the diagram/image for your balanced scorecard in your submission. (To do this you may create the diagram in the template using Word SmartArt, or you may create it with an outside diagramming tool of your choice and copy and paste a screenshot of the image into your template.) Then, in 2 pages, explain how your balanced scorecard could be used to measure and evaluate the impact of the planned change and how it could be used to determine if the outcomes justify the project costs.


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