Students usually find the study of End of Life issues fascinating

Students usually find the study of End of Life issues fascinating. To further your interest, you have an opportunity to explore a topic of your choice related to the course and write a research paper of four pages. In the introduction of your paper, let the reader know the purpose and why it is of interest. Five research articles are required for referencing and are to be from scholarly journals such as The Association for Death Education and Counseling, The American Psychological Association, The American Society on Aging, and various nursing and medical journals.

Include results of studies published on the issue/topic of the paper such as: how many participants, how done, and what was found, learned from the study. At least three Journal resources of the five should provide studies and results. Be sure to make the paper flow rather than be a collection of bits and pieces. Summarize your paper well so that it pulls together the information that is enlightening to the reader.


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