Study the parable of the soils

Please have references and in text citations, if it asks for personal opinions please do so.


1. Study the parable of the soils (Matthew 13:3-23; Mark 4:3-25; and Luke 8:5-18, including other verses in context), noting how the soils in the parable of the sower are displayed in the differing attitudes toward Jesus of His family, religious leaders, the crowds and His disciples. Included should be a note of personal application. Write the equivalent of a one-page paper on your findings.

2.  Write a two-page paper on either one of the Prison Epistles or one of the Pastoral Epistles (PICK ONE), and the equivalent of a two-page paper on one of the General Epistles stating what would be missing if these two letters were left out of our Bibles. Include the occasion, conditions of the church, the purpose and key characteristics of the letters. State one important lesson learned or biblical principle from each letter (book), and relate how this particular lesson or principle impacts your life.

3.  Prepare a one or two-page paper summarizing how Christ and His followers influenced organizations and people of their day, and how a knowledge of these New Testament principles/truths can impact your organization and those with whom you work.


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