Suggestions for Sustained Writing

You have a choice between items a) under “Suggestions for Sustained Writing” on pages 60, 72, or 82. As usual, your essay should be from 600-700 words long and should contain an introduction (replete with an underlined thesis statement), a body, and a conclusion, which will offer discovery to the reader. Your ending again will answer the question, “What did I learn about the relationship between myself and this topic by writing my essay?” Due June 29 at 9om

lso, I want you to again copy three stylistic techniques from any essay(s) in this section.

At the end of your essay, tell me a) whose techniques you copied and b) where you imitated them in your own paper.

Last, before you turn this paper in, you must email it to any two other people in the class. They are to read your essay and answer the following questions:

1. Does the paper have a clear point, thesis at the beginning (the first two sentences)? If not, how might it be better focused?

2. Where are details NOT effective or sufficient?

3. Where are the details used to best effect?

4. Is the discovery sentence, the end of the essay, provocative and insightful, or does it just restate the thesis or mark time?

5. Last, did you enjoy reading this? Why or why not? (Be specific.)

You will attach (not simply paste in) these two critiques to the paper when you send it to me. Be sure to start this paper in a timely fashion to ensure that your readers will have time to think about your paper, and, thus, to give you intelligent, helpful comments. Remember, the entire point of peer-critiques is to help each other write better essays.


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