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I need you to write the synthesis paper, you will write a synthesis essay about a controversial issue in the United States. The paper should be about 3 pages long. I have uploaded the article that the paper should be about please use this article, you can also use a different one to include more information but the one I uploaded is the required one. I have also uploaded a PAPER SAMPLE. Please follow the samples, BUT DO NOT copy the same exact thing. I also want you to provide me a similarity report. At the very bottom it is the grading rubric please follow it while writing the paper.


  • double-spaced, Times or Times New Roman,12 point font, 1-inch margins
  • MLA style (Works Cited/References page & in-text references)

The Article:

  • Should teachers be armed?
    • Reading: Pro/Con section of this report: Collier, Loma. “School Safety.” CQ Researcher, 29, 17 May 2019: 1-63. Web. 6 Nov. 2019.
  • You will read the article and give a responsible account of the arguments on each side, using quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing from the articles. Each body paragraph should focus on a subtopic related to the main topic and discuss what the two points of view say in regard to this topic and how they connect (agree/disagree). In the conclusion, you should indicate the ways your ideas about the topic relate to the assigned texts. In other words, after explaining both sides in the body paragraphs, explain your position in relation to the ideas in the readings.


  • Introduction: Provide an overview of the issue. This may include background information. The thesis can indicate that there are two sides to the issue.
  • Body Paragraphs: Describe the arguments in favor and against the idea.
  • Advocates for arming teachers argue that…

Note: Each body paragraph needs to discuss both points of view

  • Conclusion: Give your opinion.
  • Teachers should (not) be allowed to carry guns in the classroom because…..

Grading Rubric for Synthesis Paper

CONTENT ____/30 points

  • Provides an overview of the issue in the introduction
  • Includes a thesis statement that expresses what will be discussed in the body paragraphs
  • Summarizes the arguments in favor and against the issue from the 2 readings in the body paragraphs
  • Expresses an opinion on the issue in relation to the readings in the conclusion

ORGANIZATION ____/10 points

  • Overall structure—the writing has an effective introduction, body, and conclusion. All paragraphs support the thesis statement.
  • Paragraph development—each paragraph focuses on one topic only and is developed with details, descriptions, explanations, and examples.
  • Text flow—the sentences and paragraphs follow each other in a logical order.

LANGUAGE ____/5 points

  • Quotes and paraphrases from the text correctly identified and punctuated.

FORMAT _____/5 points

  • MLA Citation—reference/work cited is listed on a separate sheet of paper using /MLA Style

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