Technical Communication: Visual Interpretation

LP5 Assignment – Questionnaire.docx;  LP7 Assignment – Informative Abstract.docx

Visual Interpretation

Directions: For this week’s assignment, you will create a visual of the data you collected from the questionnaires you disbursed in Week 5. You need to take the data you collected and transfer it into an appropriate visual for your reader (e.g., bar chart, pie chart, table, graph, etc.).  The visual should clarify your data and make it easy for the reader to understand your findings. All parts should be labeled clearly. Include a brief paragraph accompanying your graphic image that discusses the data and explains why you chose the visual design to convey your data.;
Tip: Remember you need to integrate your primary data/results into your final paper proposal.



Visual is clear and easy to understand.


All parts of visual are labeled.


Paragraph explains why the researcher chose their particular visual design to clarify their data and is reasonable.


Paragraph adequately discusses the researcher’s data.


Paragraph adequately summarized the researcher’s findings


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