The final project for this course is the creation of a written proposal. Overview

The final project for this course is the creation of a written proposal.                              Overview
While healthcare organizations differ greatly, managers in various departments in organizations must propose changes to processes, the purchase of new equipment, the addition of employees, and many other changes to executives and boards to obtain approval. For this course, you will place yourself in the role of a manager in an organization of your choice. You are tasked with creating a written proposal that will add value to an organization and will impact the budget.
This may come in the form of adding updated equipment, changing a process to become more streamlined, and so on. You will be submitting your proposal to your instructor, who will be playing the roles of CEO and budgetary board, for consideration. This assessment will require you to defend your proposal in terms of
the value added and the financial impacts to the organization, as you would need to in the real world.You will select your organization from the following site to ensure that sufficient financial information is available for consideration: You can look for companies by selecting the ‘most recent filings’ link and then search for a healthcare or biotech company. You must confirm with your instructor that the topic or area of interest of your proposal will allow you to sufficiently answer all of the questions in the prompt below. You also have the option of selecting your place of employment, within healthcare, as approved by your instructor.
                 7-2 Final Project Submission: Written Proposal
IV. Closing Statement/ Conclusion
A. Added Value: What value will your proposal add to the organization? Justify the value or improvement your proposal will add for the
organization, in consideration of trends in healthcare.
B. Justification of Proposal: How appropriate is your proposal based on your financial analysis? Justify your proposal based on the financials and
budgetary considerations. If you feel that your proposal is not appropriate given your analysis, explain why, with support of your reasoning.

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