The global nurse workforce

Topic: The global nurse workforce

APA Format.

The paper should be at least 6 pages total (this does not include the title page or the APA reference page).  Please do not leave gaps or spaces between sections or paragraphs.  The paper should be double-spaced throughout.  Include 4-5 APA references.  Do a nice job with your APA format.  You will need to include a level 1 header for each section below.  Please refer to Student Resources, then click on APA, and download the APA 7th edition template.  You don’t need to include an abstract for the paper.  These are the sections of the paper to include below:

1. Introduction–tells the reader what your paper will be about.  Include an introductory title for the paper.  Then start in on the introduction.

2nd section:  Share why you chose the specific topic,

3rd section: Explain the current relevance of material (why is the topic important to the nursing profession or health care).

4th section: How it is integrated into clinical practice (In other words, how do you utilize the topic in your personal nursing practice?  If your topic is technology, give an example of technology that you utilize every day in the care you provide.

5th section: How the information is used in clinical setting?  In other words, how does your health care organization utilize the technology?  Is it used in the ICU’s?  Is patient safety improved because of the technology?



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