The insured is also known as a

Multiple Choice:

  1. The insured is also known as a:
  1. Member
  2. Subscriber
  3. Policyholder
  4. All the above are correct
  1. Medical necessity is insured when the insurance carrier mandates:
  1. Precertification
  2. Code correlation
  3. A formal referral
  4. Preauthorization
  1. Unit values for each procedure code are used in the following payment method:
  1. RVS
  2. Capitation
  3. DRG
  4. UCR
  1. When coding diagnoses, start by looking:
  1. In Volume I
  2. Up the anatomic body part
  3. In the tabular list
  4. In Volume II
  1. Checking a diagnostic code against a procedure code is referred to as:
  1. Cross-checking
  2. Proofreading
  3. Code correlation
  4. Code linkage
  1. When interviewing a collection agency, what collection rate is considered realistic and good?
  1. 25% to 45%
  2. 50% to 75%
  3. 75% or above
  4. 30% to 60%
  5. 60% to 80%
  1. Select the correct statement regarding collections:
  1. Be flexible about interruptions when making collection calls
  2. Use a public telephone to make collections calls
  3. The longer an account remains delinquent, the harder it will be to collect
  4. Collection letters to obtain payment are better than phone calls
  5. A, C, and D
  1. The correct meaning for the acronym PHI is:
  1. Private Health Information
  2. Protected Health Information
  3. Personal Health Information
  4. Portability of Health Information
  5. Privileged Health Information.
  1. Medical assistants:
  1. Rarely get promoted to office manager
  2. Are not qualified to be office managers
  3. Move into management positions with a variety of skill sets and experience
  4. Can attain higher career goals only with additional education
  1. An employee handbook is also known as a/an:
  1. Work assignment manual
  2. Personnel manual
  3. Office policy manual
  4. Office procedure manual

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Questioning, requesting examples, and paraphrasing a message are types of………..? =
  2. Adoption of flextime is one way to increase……….. …………? =
  3. A tickler file is also called a …………? =
  4. A contract with a cleaning service would fall under facility oversight performed by ………..? =
  5. What are the two mechanisms that can be put into place in the medical office to help patient relations, promote patient satisfaction, and learn what policies and procedures need improvement? 1)= 2)=
  6. As a new employee, where would you look to find your job description
  7. What law covers minimum wage and overtime standards? =
  8. In what section of the CPT book are office visits and hospital visits found? =
  9. Diagnostic codes using ICD-10-CM can vary from……………digits? =
  10. Dr. Gerald Practon wants to know if Mrs. Snow’s managed care plan covers a particular surgical procedure. This is a process known as……? =

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