The physiological explanation of syncope is

Question 1


Phalen’s test, 90°wrist flexion for 60 seconds, reproduces   symptoms of:


· Question 2


Jennifer says that she has heard that caffeine can cause   osteoporosis and asks you why. How do you respond?

· Question 3


The most common cause of elevated liver function tests is:


· Question 4


Reed-Sternberg B lymphocytes are associated with which of   the following disorders:



Aplastic anemia



Hodgkin’s lymphoma



Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma



Myelodysplastic syndromes


· Question 5


Which of the following is a potential acquired cause of   thrombophilia?






Protein C deficiency



Factor V Leiden



Antiphospholipid antibodies


· Question 6


A 75-year-old female is diagnosed with primary   hyperparathyroidism and asks the nurse practitioner what the treatment for   this disorder is. The nurse practitioner explains:


Primary     hyperparathyroidism is treated with Vitamin D restriction


Primary     hyperparathyroidism is treated with parathyroidectomy


Primary     hyperparathyroidism is treated with daily magnesium


Primary     hyperparathyroidism is treated with parenteral parathyroid hormone (PTH)


· Question 7


Diagnostic confirmation of acute leukemia is based on:


· Question 8


A 25 year old overweight patient presents with a   complaint of dull achiness in his groin and history of a palpable lump in his   scrotum that “comes and goes”. On physical examination, the nurse   practitioner does not detect a scrotal mass. There is no tenderness, edema,   or erythema of the scrotum, the scrotum does not transilluminate. What is the   most likely diagnosis?

A. Testicular   torsion
B. Epididymitis
C. Inguinal hernia
D. Varicocele


· Question 9


Dave, age 38, states that he thinks he has an ear   infection because he just flew back from a business trip and feels unusual   pressure in his ear. You diagnose barotrauma. What is your next action?

A. Prescribe nasal steroids and oral decongestants
B. Prescribe antibiotic eardrops
C. Prescribe systemic eardrops
D. Refer David to an ear, nose, and throat specialist


· Question 10


Which of the following antibiotics should not be   prescribed for a pregnant woman in the 3rd trimester?

· Question 11


The physiological explanation of syncope is:


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