the population that has the higher income level is

The United State relies heavily on guest worker/migrant labor for its agriculture industry. Health care can be offered for this population but faces a potential barrier of

a. language.

b. access.

c. racism.

d. homelessness.

What differentiates CULTURALCARE from modern medical care in philosophy is that

a. sufficient money, technology and science are used to cure or remedy.

b. premature death must be avoided.

c. holistic care is predicated on cultural health traditions and needs.

d. disease and injury are avoided through health promotion and maintenance.

HEALTH for American Indians has a basis in the

a. curing of those conditions that affect the spirit.

b. respecting of others’ beliefs in healing traditions.

c. harmony between nature and the ability to survive.

d. optimism that life creates positive forces.

Evil spirits are associated with illness by the

a. Sioux.

b. Cherokee.

c. Passamaquoddy.

d. Hopi.

In determining the cause for illness, medicine men and women look for the

a. dietary practices of the person being seen.

b. past medical history as a determinant.

c. spiritual cause of the problem of the person seen.

d. physical symptoms displayed.

Use of sand paintings as diagnosis in the Navajo tradition helps to

a. provide an atmosphere of calming for the medicine man.

b. determine cause and treatment of the illness.

c. ensure that appropriate payment is made by the family.

d. create symbolic representations of the client and family.

A sequela related to alcohol abuse in American Indians is the rise in

a. malnourishment among children.

b. breast cancer rates.

c. domestic violence against women.

d. unintentional injuries.

The provision of health services through the Indian Health Service means

a. having one master health guideline blueprint for consistency of care.

b. partnering and assisting tribes in planning the best delivery of care.

c. allotting health resources based on population numbers.

d. following prescribed federal guidelines and procedures.

Comparing household income levels of $150,000 or more within the Asian subpopulations, the population that has the higher income level is

a. Chinese.

b. Filipino.

c. Indian.

d. Indonesian.

The initial impetus for Asian immigration to the United States, specifically with the Chinese population, resulted from the

a. favorable immigration status for the Chinese.

b. high unemployment rates in China.

c. need for cheap labor building railroads in the nineteenth century.

d. demand for menial service jobs.



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