The Purnell and PEN-3 Models for Cultural Competence

Cultural sensitivity is most important for me- finding out what I know, and how to best take care of people from different cultures in a way that makes them feel most comfortable

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The Purnell and PEN-3 Models for Cultural Competence

  • Examine your own cultural competence through courses readings and personal reflection. You may want to incorporate the Quality and Culture Quiz, linked in Resources, into your personal reflection. Then, think about what you learned through the Purnell and PEN-3 models of cultural competence. If necessary, review Chapter 6 in your course textbook to ensure that you understand the models.
    • Why are models of cultural competence important as frameworks for program planning in multicultural populations?
    • Is there a model you gravitate to more than another? Explain why or why not.

Your initial posting should be at least 150 words, and you must reference the work of another writer (either as a quotation, paraphrase, or summary) to provide support for your ideas. The source can be the course text, another relevant book, any assigned reading, or an article you find on your own through the Capella University Library. When you incorporate the other writer’s ideas in your work, use APA citation style to give credit to that writer. Remember that an APA citation includes both the in-text citation (the author’s last name and the year of publication) and the full reference for the source.


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