These directly observable characteristics are 


These directly observable characteristics are


All U.S. states require that each newborn be given a blood test for

a. Tay-Sachs disease

b. hemophilia.

c. PKU.

d. cystic fibrosis.

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Blond hair can result only from having

a. two dominant alleles

b. two recessive alleles

c. a dominant dark hair allele and a recessive blond hair allele

d. a dominant blond hair allele and a recessive dark hair allele.

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Noam Chomsky reasoned that

a. in early childhood, rewards and punishments support language development

b. young children are unable to assume much responsibility for their own language learning.

c. the rules for sentence organization are too complex to be directly taught to cognitively sophisticated young children.

d. language, like any other behavior, is acquired through imitation and operant conditioning.

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The most frequent expression of fear is

a. stranger anxiety.

b. the fear of falling

c. the fear of unfamiliar objects and toys.

d. separation anxiety.

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The information-processing approach views the mind as:

a. a system for manipulating symbols.

b. a socially constructed structure

c. the result of stimulus-response associations

d. a mechanism of genetically programmed behaviors.

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During the oral psychosexual stage, if oral needs are not met appropriately, an individual may develop such habits as:

a. extreme messiness and disorder

b. hostility toward the same-sex parent

c. sexual promiscuity

d. fingernail biting and overeating.

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Charles Darwin is considered the forefather of scientific child study because:

a. he constructed the first theory of human development.

b. he discovered that human prenatal growth differs markedly from that of other species.

c. his theory prompted researchers to make careful observations of all aspects of children’s behavior

d. he was the first to conduct experiments on children.

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According to Rousseau’s view of childhood, children:

a. are naturally endowed with a sense of right and wrong.

b. follow the same general plan as the evolution of the species

c. are born as blank slates to be filled by adult instruction

d. must learn to redirect their naturally evil tendencies into socially acceptable behaviors.

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Dr. Arbus is interested in learning how children come to understand their multifaceted world. In her research, she asks questions like: When do infants discover that they are separate beings, distinct from other people and objects? Dr. Arbus is studying

a. social cognition

b. the inner self.

c. self-concept.

d. personality development.

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Brothers, Patrick and Michael, do not look very much alike. Patrick has green eyes and blond, curly hair like his mother. Michael has blue eyes and dark brown, straight hair like his father. These directly observable characteristics are

a. phenotypes

b. genotypes.

c. chromosomes.

d. DNA

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