thesis for international paper

So there are a series of assignments along with this paper. I will attach the instructions for the assignment. I will also attach examples of a thesis and three ideas as a reference when writing the thesis. First, I only need a thesis statement with three ideas and a local article at this moment. Please make sure the thesis is clear and good, it has to be approved first before doing the paper. Of course you know my country is Israel.

A little info from the professor about the thesis

1. Make up a new business. ( I guess it can be a real or a fake business).

2. You need to propose a specific and clear business idea, not just generic trade or investment.

P.S. I don’t know what he means by a local article. I guess he means an article from the country. But basically the article is suppose to support your thesis and the thesis is about any company that should make a business venture in your country.

I will give you my login information for a more look for suggested references for the paper and thesis, but here are some he wants us to use


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