things fall apart chinua achebe

Introduction (one paragraph for this paper):

Please put a title that reflects your thesis.

Introduce the novel with the author’s name.

Provide a brief summary of the plot that leads to your thesis.

State your thesis ( three analytical points that you are going to focus on in your paper. Not about what happened to Okonkwo in chronological order).

Your thesis should answer- “So, What are you going to analyze?” (Not about HOW it happened)

Body paragraphs:

*Note: You can make one long body paragraph per point (no more than 23 lines), or you can make two paragraphs per point. Make sure each body paragraph is balanced in length.

Point 1 – Second paragraph– Topic sentence (*The topic sentence should refer to your first point).

Each body paragraph should include the following elements:

1) Topic sentence to refer to one of the main points in your thesis.

2) Textual examples (at least 2 examples from the novel with direct quotes and page numbers). Please use a signal phrase at the beginning of each quote (i.e. Obierika says…), and put the page number in parentheses after each quote. Each quote should not exceed more than 3 lines (please do not use a block quote in this paper, since it takes up too much space).

3) Add your interpretation and analysis after each quote.

4) Add an outside source (no more than 3 lines from a journal article) to support your analysis – According to Akeeke… (#). Connect the outside source to your analysis on the novel.

5) Finish each paragraph with restating the main point of this paragraph (you can paraphrase the topic sentence of the paragraph at the end).


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