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Canada has been known for reputed and popular universities and colleges. The best universities are The University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Toronto, and many more. Studying enrolled in this course to complete earn a graduate and postgraduate degree must submit a wonderful piece of assignment. These assignments can be:

  • Essay

Writing an academic essay can be challenging if you have never done it before. You require to follow the guidelines of the university to prepare an impressive essay. Moreover, you must know the subject and academic skills. If you don’t have such skills or are not confident whether to complete your assignment on time or not, simply avail yourself of help from Superwriters.net. They are professional in writing an essay and have drafted more than thousands of research papers for universities like the University of Alberta, University of Waterloo, Queen’s University, etc.

  • Research Paper

One of the toughest tasks in academics is to write a research paper. If you are a student pursuing a Masters’ or any equivalent level of courses, you might be asked to write a research paper. The skills required to write such a paper are complete knowledge of the topic/ subject, extensive research, organizing, implementation of the information correctly, etc. The student must also know the types of questions asked in a research paper. So, let’s have a look at the given example:

  • Case Study

Writing a case study analysis is a type of assignment which requires the writer to investigate the problem of a business, event, etc. and identify the solutions to overcome them. The writer must also provide strong evidence to support their solution. There are few guidelines offered by Superwriters,  the experts offering assignment writing services in Canada. They are like –

  • Read and understand the case completely
  • Concentrate on your analysis
  • Identify the challenges and changes required
  • Propose appropriate solutions
  • Report

Some of the Canadian universities ask to write a report instead of an essay. Report writing can be explained as a document that describes and examine an incident, occurrence, or event. Writing a report can be an intimidating process. Whenever going to write a report, choose the subject you are interested in and devote sufficient time to conduct research. Reports can be in different types like memos, lab reports, minutes, annual reports, compliance reports, etc.

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  • Literature Review

A literature review is a form of a scholarly paper that includes both the skills theoretical as well as methodological knowledge to a specific topic. Students must know that the literature review is a secondary source and does not include any original or new experimental task.

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How to write best research assignments?

Every student tries to submit the best assignment paper in the university but only a few of them can do so. But don’t worry, we are here along with our Superwriters expert writers who have explained a few essential components of the assignment to make your paper more attractive.


It states a specific reason for writing your assignment. It also highlights the points of why one should read your paper. The writers can state the purpose of their assignment while writing the introduction of the assignment.

Ideological Terms

This section deals with the terms used by the writer in the assignment. Each term must be clearly stated and well-defined to avoid confusion to the readers. It also helps to maximize the number of readers.

Use of Evidence

In assignments like reports or literature reviews, you are required to support your argument with strong evidence. Students must remember that their evidence should be collected from authentic sources.


Maintaining the quality and following the proper structure is important in the field of academic writing. If you are writing your assignment, always organize your content logically. If you face any issues with the format or structure of your assignment, avail assignment writing service from the best research writing.


Reference is the most important part of any assignment whether it is an essay report, case study analysis, or any other form of academic writing. References are used to make your content authentic. References styles can depend on the university. However, the few popular and most used references styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.

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