Unit 8 Assignment Kaplan University

Unit 8 assignment:

In a 4-6 page paper, describe the following items:
Describe the management team in your business (include advisors, consultants, accountants, etc. – as necessary).
Describe the team concept, group dynamics, and the strengths and weaknesses of business teams.
Describe management philosophy concerning communication, and organizational culture.
Discuss what Leadership actions you would take to adapt your business should the following happen in the first three years of operations:
Your manufacturer has a labor strike that may last for 6 months.
Three more competitors emerge who are now in direct competition with your company in product quality and price.
You have had to lay off half your employees and the rest are disheartened as a result.  (You must address all three areas)

I am using a mechanic business. Use APA format. Thank you in advance


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