Using the neuroplasticity principles we discussed

Choose a superhero/villain of your choice. Your assignment is to write a 3-page essay (double- spaced) addressing the following questions (use an integrated approach in addressing the questions):  Include a separate title page (do NOT include name, course date, etc on essay page), use APA format only for citations.

1. Character Description (1/2 page – 3/4 page MAXIMUM): A) Who is your superhero/villain?

B) What is their “super power”?C) How did they obtain this power?

2. Character Explanation (2 and 1/2 pages)

A) What neural circuits do you think are “engaged” by the superpower (from receptors to

brain circuits)?

B) Using the neuroplasticity principles we discussed in class, how can the superpower be explained through brain function? That is, discuss and explore your hypothesized underlying neurophysiology using the scientific principles we discussed in class.

C) Do these principles highlight truths and/or fallacies in the abilities of your chosen superhero/villain?


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