Value and philosophy of nursing

  1. Assignment Instructions Submit a 6-8 page (including the title page, abstract, and references) paper discussing the values and philosophy of nursing, as well as nursing as a profession. The paper must be written in APA format. You will need to include the following: Philosophy of Nursing Summarize your philosophy of nursing, based on your own values and experiences. Self-concept Discuss the professional characteristics that support your self-concept.Identify strengths, fears, and weaknesses that shape your self-concept. How do gaps in knowledge influence your self-concept? How does your self-concept impact your personal philosophy of nursing? Provide 2-3 examples. Values Where do values originate? Who teaches values? Can values remain consistent in one’s current professional life? Do your personal values and your professional life ever conflict? What values and beliefs collectively formulate a personal philosophy of nursing that informs and shapes practice behaviors? Give examples. How do personal values and beliefs affect decision-making processes? Use the ANA Code of Ethics and ICN Code to support the discussions. Culture In nursing practice, what does culturally diverse nursing care mean? How does ethnocentrism affect nursing practice? Nursing Theory, Model or Framework What nursing theory, nursing model, or nursing framework supports your personal philosophy of nursing? Describe the nursing theory, model, or framework and identify key characteristics. Provide two or three examples of how the nursing theory, model, or framework aligns with your personal philosophy of nursing. Application into Practice How is your personal philosophy of nursing translated into practice? Can nursing practice maintain a patient-centered, ethically sensitive focus when working in a business concerned with financial stability? Identify a trend that is influencing access or equity in the healthcare system. Philosophy of Nursing Guidelines for Submission All discussion and papers should reflect clinical and professional patient/cases, and not references to personal or family issues. Please provide current and professional, work/clinical-related experiences in your papers. For recent graduates, you may provide examples from your clinical rotations. A minimum of three references should be used in this paper. References should be no more than five years old. Exceptions include seminal works, such as original publications by nurse theorists. Use only scholarly references (peer reviewed) or authoritative resources, such as the National Academies of Sciences Engineering, and Medicine [NASEM] website. Do not use Wikipedia or the like, as it is NOT a scholarly reference. All papers should be written in APA format (6th edition). This paper should include: Formal components, such as a title page, abstract, and APA formatting with an introductory and conclusion paragraph that summarizes the key concepts APA-formatted headings APA headers (include page number) Appropriate in-text reference citations A reference page, in correct APA format

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