website on a health information

Finding quality health information is not always an easy process. Consumers often need assistance in locating appropriate resources to answer information requests. As nurses, we are responsible for providing evidence-based health information to the consumer (our patients). Consumers often consult other sources before asking their nurse/licensed independent practitioner for advice. For example, consumers may hear or read about health topics in the news, and they often discuss health concerns with family members or friends. They often search the Internet for health information and find varying degrees of quality.

For this assignment Identify a website on a health information available to consumers 
( The website I chose is  you will  write a 2 page  scholarly paper evaluating  this website to determine if it’s a good website for you to recommend to your patients. You are going to Evaluate the source of the information based on the criteria located here (Links to an external site.) answer these questions in your paper
•	Does the Source offer sound medical advice or dangerous/inaccurate information?
•	Identify one alternative site that provide sound evidence-based information ( I chose
•	 Why did you choose this site?
•	Using Big Data Analytics identify why this topic on the local and.or national level. 
Must include a scholarly reference. References must not be older than 5 years.
Paper Requirements:
•	APA Format
•	2 pages
•	Minimum one scholarly reference 
•	No direct quotations
•	All papers are to be written in the third person.  The third-person point of view is where the writer does not refer to him or herself. Initial submission must be understood academically. When you submit a comment like you might in social media the thoughts expressed lose strength and impact

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