western civ 2 exam ii chapters 19 24

Western Civ 2, Exam II (Chapters 19-24)




For this exam you will write one essay on a broad question:


Standard essay with about 4.5 pages of writing.


Use information related to the reading handouts for Chapter 19-24.  You will probably need about 2-3 key terms or questions from each chapter.  Key terms are in bold on the reading handouts.  For example, Otto von Bismarck is a key term in Chapter 21.  Emphasize how the key terms or questions you use relate to the main point in your essay.  



When you use key terms from the reading handouts please put them in bold.  To use a handout question that doesn’t have any bold, make bold a few words from the question.


Please write in short to medium-sized paragraphs (generally five sentences or less per paragraph). 


In your first paragraph, please provide an introduction with a general statement about the changes in Europe you are discussing in your essay.  Mention one or more key aspects of society (such as political philosophies, economic growth, arts and culture, etc.) that you choose to emphasize. 



In your last paragraph, provide a conclusion to tie the essay together.  Give the reader one or two insights to walk away with.  Tell how the material enriches our lives or helps us understand our world.


please i need someone to do it until sunday afternoon pasific time “california”, and i will send the book through the email as a pdf file in order to make it simple for reading the chapters from 19 to 24


thank you 



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