What do I consider a poor paper?

What do I consider a poor paper? One that just parrots back material with no thoughtfulness attached. One that sounds just like everybody else’s. One that puts me to sleep mentally. One that offers no interesting information about you or anyone else. One that was obviously tossed off in half an hour. One that’s sufficiently vague that it’s not clear that you know what you’re talking about. One that does not refer to specific items that you have learned for this course. One that sounds like you wrote it for a different course and are trying to pass it off in this one. One that has too high a score on the Turnitin platform – indicates a lack of originality.

You will create a Presentation where you tell about your Key Psychologist using PowerPoint, Prezi, or another similar program. You must record narration to go along with your presentation. Do not read your PowerPoint verbatim or include your paper on each slide verbatim. I would suggest viewing this as having a conversation with a friend about something you’re really passionate about. You’re simply telling a friend all that you learned about the person that you chose! Your presentation should be between 4 – 8 minutes in length. 

Your task is to conduct research on a key theorist and discuss his/her impact on the field. This paper should be 2-3 pages (not including Title Page and Works Cited) double spaced in 12pt font. You need a minimum of 3 scholarly resources and should properly cite them in your text and on your works cited page.

  1. Brief Outline of Paper
  2. Introduction
    1. Introduce the Theorist
  3. Body
  4. Major Theory / Contribution to the field of Psychology
  5. Criticisms of this Theorist / Theory
  6. Conclusion

A. Overall Impact and Importance


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