What is more important in America today

Week 2 Writing Assignment

Options: 1. Create your own writing assignment (correlated to our text) 2. What is more important in America today (life, liberty, or property) or is there a balance of the three? 3. The Boston Massacre was portrayed differently in the Colonies compared to Enlgnad. How does that compare to our current media atmosphere? 4. Why do you think some slaves joined the Patriot fight instead of promises for freedom from the British? 5. Compare and contrast a notable woman during the Revolution and one from the last 100 years. 6. Washington advised against political parties? Is that possible? A country without parties, or interest groups? 7. Washington also advised against getting involved in European drama as much as possible. We are involved in alliances all over the world. Write a letter to Washington defending or opposing the extent of our current involvement in world affairs. >>   View/Complete


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