What is the first step of the marketing process?

Question 11 pts

What is the first step of the marketing process? (2.1)

PanickingSituation AnalysisBudgetingHiring an Ad AgencyStrategizing

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Question 21 pts

Which of the following is NOT one of the four P’s of marketing? (1.4)


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Question 31 pts

The perceived benefit of a product/service relative to its price constitutes its what? (1.0)

ValueUnique selling propositionSubstitutabilityMarketabilityTwo p’s

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Question 41 pts

Which of the following is an example of primary research (as opposed to secondary research)? (2.3)

A customer surveyCensus reportsWikipediaConsumer purchase dataIndustry sales figures

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Question 51 pts

Carving out a unique position in the minds of consumer so as stand out from the competition is the goal of… (1.1)

Competitive DifferentiationDistributionConsumer PromotionMonopolySegmentation

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Question 61 pts

Which of the following product descriptions reflects a service dominant logic? (1.3)

Gatorade is a thirst quencher.Gatorade is sold in many places you frequent.Gatorade is endorsed by many athletes.Gatorade tastes better than its competitors.Gatorade is a sweet, colorful liquid.

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Question 71 pts

What is the essence of marketing 3.0? (1.2)

Marketing investment must deliver a minimum ROMI of $3.00.Marketing can be thought of as a simple 3 step process.All brands need a minimum 3% market share to survive.Customers are more than consumers; they are collaborators.All marketing messages must be received at least 3 times to be effective.

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Question 81 pts

What three things constitute the triple bottom line? (1.5)

Economic value, environmental health and social progressRevenue, income and profitSigned, sealed, deliveredProduct, price and promotionBatting average, home runs, runs batted in

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Question 91 pts

What acronym refers to the ratio of money generated in sales by a marketing campaign relative to the amount of money invested? (2.6)


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Question 101 pts

Which of the following represents a unique selling proposition? (2.3)

Ruffles rule!Ruffles is a brand of potato chips.Ruffles have ridges.Ruffles come in a bright colored bag.Ruffles are better than other chips.


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