When the brain perceives something as different

1. John Molloy (1988) found in a study that teacher dress impacts student learning. He also found that socioeconomic background influenced the type of clothing students best responded to.

2. A mirror neuron allows you to see the world from:

3. Genes are templates for learning.

4. When the brain perceives something as different, _______ is released and the result is _________.

5. How does Csikszentmihaley define “flow?”

6. The best “state(s)” for learning includes the following

7. In brain-based learning the acronym “SAT” stands for

8. The four skills most critical for achievement are

9. The process of creating a pattern or a perceptual map utilizes both the conscious and the unconscious brain.

10. Sleep is very important to memory and cutting nighttime sleep by as little as _______ may impair your ability to recall the next day.


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