Which of the following can result from chronic inflammation of a meibomian gland

 · Question 1


Which of the following can result from chronic inflammation of a meibomian gland?


A chalazion
A pterygium

· Question 2


What conditions must be met for   you to bill “incident to” the physician, receiving 100% reimbursement from   Medicare?


You must initiate the plan of care for the patient


The physician must be on-site and engaged in patient care


You must be employed as an independent contractor


You must be the main health care provider who sees the patient

· Question 3


Of the following choices, the   least likely cause of cough is:


Gastroesophageal reflux
Acute pharyngitis


Allergic rhinitis

· Question 4


The most common correlate(s)   with chronic bronchitis and emphysema is(are):


Familial and genetic factors
Cigarette smoking
Air pollution
Occupational environment

· Question 5


Which choice below is least   effective for alleviating symptoms of the common cold?




Oral decongestants


Topical decongestants



· Question 6


When teaching a patient with   hypertension about restricting sodium, you would include which of the   following instructions?


Diets with markedly reduced intakes of sodium may be associated with     other beneficial effects beyond blood pressure     control
Sodium restriction can cause serious adverse effects
A goal of 3 g of sodium chloride or 1.2 g of sodium per day is easily     achievable
Seventy-five of sodium intake is derived from processed foods

· Question 7


Which of the following heart   murmurs warrants the greatest concern?


Systolic murmur
Venous hum murmur
Diastolic murmur
Flow murmur

· Question 8


A patient presents with an   inflamed upper eyelid margin. The conjunctiva is red and there is particulate   matter along the upper eyelid. The patient complains of a sensation that   “there is something in my eye.” What is the diagnosis and how should it be   treated?


Hordeolum; treat with a topical antibiotic and warm compress
Conjunctivitis; treat with topical antibiotic and warm compresses
Blepharitis; treat with warm compresses and gentle debridement with a     cotton swab
Chalazion; refer to an ophthalmologist for incision and drainage

· Question 9


A 57-year-old male presents to   urgent care complaining of substernal chest discomfort for the past hour. The   EKG reveals ST elevations in Leads II, III, and AVF. The nurse practitioner   is aware that these changes are consistent with which myocardial infarction   territory?


Inferior wall
Anterior wall
Apical wall
Lateral wall

· Question 10


The nurse practitioner observes   a tympanic membrane that is opaque, has decreased mobility, and is without   bulging or inflammation. The least likely diagnosis for this patient   is:
Acute otitis media (AOM)
Otitis media with effusion
Mucoid otitis media
Serous otitis media

· Question 11


Alan, age 54, notices a bulge   in his midline every time he rises from bed in the morning. You tell him it   is a ventral hernia, also known as:


inguinal hernia


epigastric hernia
umbilical hernia
incisional hernia

· Question 12


A 58-year-old man is diagnosed   with Barrett’s esophagus after an endoscopy. He has no known allergies. Which   of the following medications is MOST appropriate to treat this patient’s   disorder?


An antacid
None of the above

· Question 13


Larry, age 66, is a smoker with   hyperlipidemia and hypertension. He is 6 months post-MI. To prevent   reinfarction, the most important behavior change that he can make is to:


Quit smoking
Maintain aggressive hypertension therapy
Stick to a low-fat, low-sodium diet
Continue with his exercise program

· Question 14


Risk factors for acute arterial   insufficiency include which of the following?


Recent myocardial infarction
Atrial fibrillation
All of the above

· Question 15


Impetigo and folliculitis are   usually successfully treated with:


Systemic antibiotics
Topical antibiotics
Topical steroid creams
Cleansing and debridement


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