Which of the following is NOT considered a direct marketing tactic

Question 11 pts

Which of the following is NOT considered a direct marketing tactic: (6.2)

TelemarketingCatalogsE-mailProduct PlacementInfomercials

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Question 21 pts

A company’s website is an example of what type of message channel? (6.2)


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Question 31 pts

Which of the following would represent price discrimination by Paula’s Lemonade Shack: (5.2)?

Charging higher prices for strawberry lemonadeCharging different prices in different marketsRestricting discounts to purchases of $10 or moreCharging higher prices on really hot daysCharging better dressed customers higher prices

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Question 41 pts

Which of the following is NOT a goal of data mining? (6.5)

Predicting consumer behaviorIncreasing salesAiding new product developmentDefining the brand’s unique selling propositionBuilding long-term customer relationships

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Question 51 pts

Which of the following does NOT represent “noise” in an advertising scenario? (6.3)

A cluttered page of adsConsumer brand perceptionsMisprinting of a magazine adA misspelled headlineA web browser ad blocker

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Question 61 pts

An individual’s personality can be likened to a company’s what? (6.1)

Annual reportHuman resources officeBrandCEOHoliday party

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Question 71 pts

Which of the following is NOT a key challenge associated with integrated marketing communications: (6.5)

Growing number of consumer touchpointsInternational differencesCoordination across business unitsBranding consistencyGenerating new product ideas

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Question 81 pts

Which of the following does NOT represent a fully brand-controlled message channel? (6.2)

TV advertisingTrade showsSocial mediaCatalogsBillboards

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Question 91 pts

A satisfied customer writing a unsolicited rave review on a company website or a review site like Yelp is an example of what? (6.2)

Push marketingWord of mouthPull marketingDirect marketingPaid media

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Question 101 pts

Which of the following does not constitute a push marketing strategy? (6.4)

Promotional allowancesNew retail locationsSales force incentivesConsumer advertisingIncreasing inventory levels


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