Which of the following is one of the key disadvantages of online market research? 


1. Which of the following is one of the key disadvantages of online market research?

Online research is expensive.

Online research is time consuming.

People tend to be dishonest online.

Online research lacks versatility.

Samples can be small and skewed.

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1. Which of the following is an advantage of online research?

Samples are generally representative of the target population.

Members of online panels and communities tend to have low turnover.

Online research is relatively free of technological problems and inconsistencies.

People tend to be honest and thoughtful online.

Online research is slow but gather detailed information.

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1. ________ approach uses concepts and tools from anthropology and other social science disciplines to provide deep cultural understanding of how people live and work.

Cognitive research

Inductive research

Archaeological research

Ethnographic research

Deductive research

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1. Which of the following refers to the set of measures that help firms to quantify, compare, and interpret their marketing performance?

marketing diagnostics

marketing information systems

marketing simulation

marketing intelligence

marketing metrics

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1. Which of the following is an internal marketing metric that companies need to monitor?

market share

consumer satisfaction

relative perceived quality

total number of customers

relative employee satisfaction

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1. Which of the following is considered to be the most versatile of all the contact methods?

mail questionnaires

telephone interviews

personal interviews

online interviews

field trials

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1. An item in a questionnaire states that “most politicians cannot be trusted.” Respondents are required to provide their answers by choosing any one of the following options: 1) Strongly disagree, 2) Disagree, 3) Neither agree nor disagree, 4) Agree, 5) Strongly agree. This is an example of a ________.

semantic differential

word association question

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT)

Likert scale

dichotomous question

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1. A(n) ________ is a gathering of 6 to 10 people carefully selected by researchers based on certain demographic, psychographic, or other considerations and brought together to discuss various topics of interest at length.

target group

pilot group

focus group

customer base

ethnographic group

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1. Before Sandra opened her florist shop she read all she could about the floral industry. She also consulted several published research reports to understand growth patterns in the local area with particular interest in the location of florists throughout the city. This ________ helped her to decide on the location of her store.

primary data

secondary data

primitive data

tertiary information

licensed information

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1. A question that respondents can answer in an almost unlimited number of ways is called a ________.

structured question

closed-end question

completely unstructured question

dichotomous question

multiple choice question

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1. The question “What is your opinion of the measures taken by the government to control inflation?” is an example of a ________ question.

semantic differential

word association

completely unstructured

story completion


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1. Why must the researchers avoid generalizing from focus-group participants to the whole market?

Participants’ responses are not reliable.

Most of the participants are likely to be ignorant about the topic of discussion.

The size of the group is too small and the sample is not drawn randomly.

Most of the participants are likely to exhibit similar tastes and preferences.

The participants usually come from diverse backgrounds.

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1. After collecting the relevant information, the next step in the marketing research process is to ________.

develop the research plan

define the problem and research objectives

present the project report

make the final decision

analyze the acquired data

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1. Which of the following is an advantage of personal interviews?

It is a relatively inexpensive method of gathering information.

The possibility of interviewer bias is minimized.

Participants can choose to respond at their own convenience.

It facilitates anonymous responses.

Interviewers can record additional observation about the respondent such as body language.

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1. ________ attached to television sets in participating homes now record when the set is on and to which channel it is tuned.



GPS systems



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1. Primary data can be collected in several ways. Installing CCTV cameras in a retail store whereby consumers’ actions can be recorded is an example of ________.

focus group research

survey research

observational research

behavioral research

experimental research

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1. ________ requires people to create a collage from magazine photos or drawings to depict their perceptions.

Brand personification

Projective technique



Metaphor Elicitation Technique

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1. ________ allow respondents to answer in their own words and often reveal more about how people think.

Open-end questions

Dichotomous questions

Likert scale questions

Multiple choice questions

Semantic differential questions

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1. After computing averages and measures of dispersion for the major variables and applying advanced statistical techniques and decision models in the hope of discovering additional findings from the gathered information, the researchers ________.

define the problem, the decision alternatives, and the research objectives

present findings relevant to the major marketing decisions facing management

evaluate the costs associated with data collected

analyze the appropriateness of the data sources used

develop the research plan

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1. As the marketing manager of Cominform Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of health drinks, you have selected 10 individuals who match the profile of your target customer, to participate in a discussion on changing lifestyle trends related to health. You have also hired a skilled moderator to facilitate the discussion and ensure that everyone participates and stays focused on the topic. The moderator provides questions and probes based on the “script” prepared by you. The discussions are also recorded for further analysis. Which of the following methods of acquiring primary data is being used in this case?

observational research


behavioral data


focus groups


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