Which statement best describes the passage’s main idea?

Multiple Choice: Please select the best answer and click “submit.”

Read this passage from a historical narrative about World War I:

World War I had significant consequences for Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. The large Austro-Hungarian Empire was split up into several small independent nation-states. Nearly all of the Ottoman Empire’s territory was divided up among the victorious Allied powers. Russia’s government had fallen to a communist revolution during the war. The once-powerful Germany was forced to accept blame for the war, pay large sums of money to the Allied powers, and give up territory.

Which statement best describes the passage’s main idea?

A. The Allied powers treated their defeated enemies unfairly after World War I.

B. Many countries emerged from World War I much weaker than they were before the war.

C. Only Russia emerged from World War I with a communist form of government.

D. World War I was more destructive for Austria-Hungary than for any other country.


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