Why is the field of child development considered interdisciplinary


Why is the field of child development considered interdisciplinary


In a study of well-educated mothers, those who had recently given birth to their second child reported

a. less stress than after they had their first child.

b. just as much stress as first-time mothers.

c. more stress than after they had their first child.

d. an increase of postpartum depression.

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Children typically say their first word at about _____ months and have mastered a large vocabulary and most grammatical constructions by _____ years.

a. 6; 2 to 3

b. 9; 3 to 4

c. 12; 4 to 5

d. 18; 5 to 6

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Five-year-old Jamari observes his friend Liam fall while ice skating. Instead of crying, Liam starts to laugh, and Jamari imagines what Liam’s thoughts and feelings might be. Jamari is using __________ to understand Liam’s actions.

a. self-regulation

b. social comparison

c. belief–desire theory of mind

d. perspective taking

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As Toshio approaches any situation, he rapidly appraises its personal significance, which prepares him for action. What does Toshio’s appraisal represent?

a. emotion

b. theory

c. attitude

d. temperament

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Some theorists believe that children who are high in verbal ability, anxiety, or sociability will:

a. perform poorly on IQ tests in adolescence

b. engage in excessive make-believe play during early childhood.

c. be highly competitive in athletics during adolescence.

d. remain so at later ages.

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Which of the following statements is true about emotions?

a. Emotions are learned behaviors.

b. Young children are unable to experience more than one emotion at a time.

c. Authoritative parents tend to discourage emotional expression in their children

d. Emotional reactions can lead to learning that is essential for survival.

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__________ are sex cells that contain __________ chromosomes each.

a. Gametes; 23

b. Gametes; 23 pairs of

c. Zygotes; 46

d. Autosomes; 23 pairs of

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Language areas in the cerebral cortex

a. are found exclusively in the left hemisphere

b. are fully are fully lateralized at birth lateralized at birth

c. develop as children acquire language

d. are not fully functional until adulthood.

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The most consistent asset of resilient children is:

a. a strong bond with a competent, caring adult.

b. high academic performance in elementary school.

c. a disorganized home environment.

d. athletic competence

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Why is the field of child development considered interdisciplinary?

a. Scientific curiosity is the prevailing factor that led to the study of children.

b. The beginning of public education led to a demand for knowledge about what to teach children.

c. Contributions from researchers and professionals in different fields help solve everyday problems concerning children.

d. Research was stimulated by social pressure to better children’s lives.

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