write a modified statement below that would make it true

TRUE/FALSE- Mark A for TRUE, B for FALSE. For any FALSE statements, write a modified statement below that would make it true.

1.  Viruses have both DNA and RNA  2. Oxidation can only occur if Oxygen is the electron acceptor3. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells both can have flagella but the purpose of the flagella is different4. Name two structures of bacteria that are difficult or impossible to view with a gram stain. Briefly describe the procedures used to view each structure.

5. A scientific historian attempts to replicate Pasteur’s famous experiments in which broth boiled in Swan-necked flasks remained sterile despite being exposed to air. However, a day after boiling, the broth showed microbial growth.

a.)   Propose a reason for the historian’s inability to reproduce Pasteur’s result. (HINT: consider historical experiments we’ve discussed that were part of the debate over the origin of life).


b.)   Propose a way to test your hypothesis in part A and in a few sentences indicate what the results would be if you are right about your theory.



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