Write on Benners professional advancement theory/model

Proper Grammar And Correct APA Format, As Applicable, Are Expected. NUR 315

 Write on Benners professional advancement theory/model (also known as Benner’s novice to expert theory/model).  Why did you choose the theory




Rough Draft Exemplar Paper

Jane Doe

Care Hope College

NUR315: Nursing Theory

Dr. Edward Kyle

Rough Draft Exemplar Paper


Articulate your purpose/point of paper: pull the readers in – make them interested in reading your paper, state what the purpose of your paper is – what are you trying to accomplish.

Overview of Nursing Theory

For your paper, specify selected theory in your title, i.e., “Overview of Watson’s Caring Theory. Provide readers with basic information and concepts related to your selected theory [be sure to include pertinent primary references to the theory so that the reader may access this information for further exploration]. This is not a “term” paper or “critique” of the selected theory – but you need to provide enough information for readers so that they can clearly understand the application and “fit” of the selected nursing theory to your exemplar/story.

Exemplar Encounter: My Encounter with Mr. Smith

Adapt title/heading as you see fit for your exemplar/story. This section of the paper includes a verbatim [narrative] report of your patient/nurse experience that will then be reflected on when you discuss how this particular nursing practice experience fits with your selected theory. For example, one student wrote an exemplar paper about a patient/nurse encounter that clearly involved the major concepts and element of Orem’s Self Care theory – after sharing her story, the student was able to discuss how Orem’s theory applied to how she cared for her pre-op patient.

Discuss Application of Theory

Highlight aspects of your “story”; explain how story/experience fits with theory – makes sense, etc. Paraphrasing aspects of your story – or the inclusion of direct quotes from the above section help to validate how your exemplar ties into the theory.


This section includes the “take away” from your paper. What can readers conclude from your paper, your exemplar experience, i.e., your exemplar promotes use of theory – reinforces how your selected theory is practical, useful, facilitates improved patient outcomes, etc.


Grammar, proper sentence structure, clarity of writing, flow of writing, adherence to course format for paper and selected journal, appropriate citation of references [use format required by journal].


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