Create a PechaKucha Presentation!

Step 1: Choose a topic that relates to your health profession.

Imagine that you have to prepare a 6 minute and 40 second PowerPoint presentation that serves to teach your audience something. For example, maybe there is a new CPR technique you would like to demonstrate to your peers or maybe there is a different fire nozzle you see people using incorrectly.

Step 2: Use PowerPoint to create your PechaKucha.

Review the details involved in creating a PechaKucha on page 277 of your textbook and the tips on how to create an effective presentation.

For a PechaKucha presentation, notice that the most important characteristic is timing. Yes, a PechaKucha is a timed presentation. Therefore, you will need to create 20 slides that are timed at 20 seconds each. This style will help you create a quick 6 minute and 40 second presentation that will keep the audience’s attention.

How will I be able to hear you presenting? You will record your voice for each 20 second slide. Watch the video to see how to record your voice and add a 20 second time limit to each slide. (In the video, I made a wrong selection. Note that to add your voice to each 20 second slide, you need to go to “Insert” and select “Record Audio” for each slide.)

Step 3: Save your PowerPoint and submit it.


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