you are employed as an adviser to a team of Health Care Managers


Task 1
For this task, you are employed as an adviser to a team of Health Care Managers. For research, you should review the published accounts and future predictions of Anchor Trust, which can be downloaded from You are required to prepare a business report that includes the following:
1. A critical analysis of the concepts, features and importance of costs and accounting in making decisions in health and social care.
2. A critical analysis of the financial statements of Anchor Trust used to assess their financial position.
3. A critical evaluation of budgetary processes used by health and social care organizations, such as Anchor Trust.
4. Use the following ratios to evaluate the financial performance of Anchor Trust. You should consider the following ratio groups:
a. Profitability
b. Liquidity
c. Efficiency
5. Propose managerial decisions for your chosen organization based on your ratio analysis.
Task 2
Using a health and social care organization of your choice, for example a care home,
a. Complete a review of how costing design and costing systems are applied in your chosen organization.
b. Recommend improvements to the costing and pricing systems used by your chosen organization.
c. Evaluate budgetary targets and develop a master budget for your chosen organization.
A pass grade will be awarded for successful achievement of all assessment criteria for each learning outcome.

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