You are required to complete an written summary of your chosen Psychological article

You are required to complete an written summary of your chosen Psychological article. You will use articles from acceptable empirical Psychological journals. Since these are empirical articles, this endeavor will require a library trip and/or internet search. This paper is to be 3 pages in length and should include the primary article (s). No emailed or late assignments will be accepted.To earn full points you must summarize the article (1.5 pgs max) and explain what you understood from the article connecting it to human development. Be sure to explain your reasoning for your ideas/opinions. DON’T just list questions and answers; Use your textbook and class notes to remind yourself of what the key terms mean. Don’t base the paper solely on opinion or personal knowledge. Make sure you gather facts to support your argument. You must use at least 1 source (your textbook may be used). A reference page is mandatory. Note that the paper will be submitted to to check for plagiarism. Plagiarism is a form of academic dishonesty and may be reported to the Dean of Students. You are expected to document your sources throughout the paper (even if you use the text book).Writing prompt: For this first paper choose an article that is connected to the Adult years (26 to end of life) of development. What does this article say about human development? How does what this article effect how you thing about the developmental process? If this article supports your beliefs how so? If they differ how so?


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