you can grow new brain cells

Watch the TEDTalk to introduce yourself to important concepts within this module, and then post your reaction. Remember this is due before your discussions, on Wednesday of each week. The purpose of this is to help scaffold your learning so that you are introduced to module topics in the first assignment and then complete the learning quiz to help you become more familiar with the language and concepts. You’ll then be fully prepared to participate in a meaningful way within the discussion for the week, and be able to show off the things you’ve learned in your assignment due every Sunday.

Successfully completing this activity demonstrates achievement of Module Outcomes 3 and 4.

Watch TEDTalk: Sandrine Thuret – You can grow new brain cells. (Links to an external site.) [Video file, 11:04 mins] Retrieved from:

Questions to answer

Identify something you learned about the brain and neurons that you can use in your daily life to understand or work with others.

Given that brain damage seems to induce adult neurogenesis, what adaptive role, if any, might these new cells be playing? In your answer, describe the concept of “cognitive reserve” and the potential role of adult neurogenesis in recovery following CNS damage.

Based on your writing above, what would you say to someone who tells you that physical activity protects one from the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. What would be your response to that person? Use examples from your life or current events and/or scholarly evidence to support your argument.

Please list all references!


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